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Sadly I must report that Aaron Austin Baggett has passed on 26 JUL 2017. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Aaron Austin Baggett

Aaron Baggett May 2016 Aaron with Nicholas and Annalise2015
  Aaron was born on 3 Sept 1996 in St. Petersburg, FL to parents Steve Baggett and Tana Renee Ogan
  and departed our earth on 26 JUL 2017 after only 20 years of life with his family. Aaron is
  preceded by his mother Tana Renee Goodwin, married to Shane Goodwin, who died of breast cancer on 11 Sept 2016.
  Aaron was with his mother during her death in Irving, TX.

  Aaron is survived by his sister Annalise Marie Baggett 19, his brother Nicholas William Fairbanks 22,
  sisters Sophie Goodwin 11 and Graciela Eirene Goodwin b. 16 NOV2013, brother Josten Goodwin 6,
  sister Adrianna Goodwin b. 12 Jan 2000 and brother Zachery Goodwin b. 12 Feb 2003
  who live with step father Shane Goodwin in Irving, TX.

  Aaron is survived by grandparents Goodwin in Fort Worth, TX and Ron and Sharon Ogan, Brandon, MS. 
  Beloved Aaron will be deeply missed by our family!

  Please make any memorial contributions in honor of Aaron Austin Baggett to:
  1.	American Legion Post #60, Arlington Elks Lodge,
                        #2114 located at 601 W. Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington TX 76010.
			J.W. Smits
  2.	Dallas Suicide Prevention Coalition  Margie Wright,
		I AM HERE Coalition, Dallas Youth Suicide Prevention Coalition
		James Bryant, Director of Programs Grant Halliburton Foundation
		(972) 744-9790;
  3.	Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas 2808 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204


The passing of another of our WW2 veterans is below. He will be interred at DFW National Cemetery on Monday 5-15-17 @10:30. Any vets available to attend will be greatly appreciated.

Samuel Eugene Francis Sr., enlisted in the Army Air Corps, 29 February 1944, at the Presidio of Monterey, CA He was designated an automobile mechanic, Tec5, and 10 January, 1945 joined the 5332nd Brigade, 124th Cavalry Regiment “MARSMEN” in Yunnani, China as part of the China-Burma-India theatre of operations. As one of three regiments that included the notorious Merrill’s Marauders, their efforts were instrumental in reopening the Burma road supply routes into China. After contracting severe malaria and other tropical maladies, he returned. 21 May, 1946 to the Fort Ord Regional Medical Hospital for recovery. He was later discharged from the Army, 25 December, 1946.

After recovery, he returned to Chico, CA to graduate high school. He then re-enlisted in the Air Force on 28 June, 1949 in Sacramento, CA. He served at Sheppard AFB, TX as an A&E Mechanic before transferring to Chanute AFB, IL as an AP Electrical Mechanic and subsequently as SSgt, Technical Instructor. He was discharged from the Air Force, 8 September, 1953, but immediately returned to work on Chanute as a civil service Technical Instructor for another 25 years. He taught missile system electrical systems and the making of liquid oxygen/nitrogen fuels for the missiles. Following his retirement, he held positions as Plant Maintenance Manager for Solo-Cup and Combe Labs, as well as working independently as an electrician.

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